Ballonfahrt Dubai

Balloon Rides in Dubai

A magical spectacle in brilliant colors takes place when the sun rises over the desert in Dubai. Experience this magical moment on a hot air balloon ride in Dubai and look forward to an unforgettable event. In addition, you have the opportunity to get to know other highlights in the Dubai desert.

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Comparison of tickets for hot air balloon rides

Depending on the ticket, in addition to a balloon ride, you can also enjoy other activities in the Dubai desert, such as dune bashing or camel riding. The breakfast buffet, which is partly included in the ticket, also makes for an unforgettable experience! Secure an online ticket for the right balloon ride in Dubai now, so you can start your trip to Dubai full of anticipation. 

With many great hot air balloon ride deals to choose from, here are the best tickets to compare. 

  • Ticket für eine Ballonfahrt in Dubai
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    Balloon Ride in Dubai: Standard Package

    • from US$ 299.49, duration: 4 hours
    • Hot air balloon ride in Dubai 
    • Incl. transfer

    Start your day in Dubai with a sunrise hot air balloon ride. Below you, the desert is illuminated by the rays of the morning sun, highlighting its breathtaking beauty. You don't have to worry about transport to the launch point, as you will be picked up directly from Dubai City. An incomparable backdrop looms below you, just waiting to be explored by you. 

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    Ticket für eine Ballonfahrt in Dubai
    © Dubai Tourism

    Hot Air Balloon Ride: Adventure Package

    • from US$ 380.89, duration: 4,5 hours
    • Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai
    • Dune Bashing and Quad Biking
    • Horse and camel rides
    • Incl. transfer, drinks, and breakfast buffet at the camp

    Enjoy the sunrise atmosphere in the Dubai desert as you glide over the grandiose dune landscape in a hot air balloon. As soon as you are picked up and the hot air balloon is ready for the sunrise ride, it will take off and lead you into an impressive world in the light of the first rays of the sun. After the ride, a great buffet breakfast awaits you at a Bedouin camp, along with many other exciting attractions such as dune bashing, quad biking, and horse and camel rides. There is hardly any other way to experience a more beautiful start to the day. 

  • Ticket für eine Ballonfahrt in Dubai
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    Balloon Ride in Dubai: Deluxe Package

    • from US$ 329.16, duration: 5,5 hours
    • Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai 
    • Horse ride with camels
    • Incl. transfer, drinks, and breakfast buffet at the camp

    Greet the first sunlight of the day with a hot air balloon ride at a lofty height. After you are picked up from the city, the fun can begin. While the world is bathed in an enchanting light, you float leisurely in the hot air balloon over Dubai. The desert with its incomparable landscape offers the perfect location for such a tour. On your return, you can look forward to a delicious buffet breakfast and a camel ride. Get ready for a very special morning in Dubai. 

The Dubai desert - a magical place for ballooning

It is easy to forget in the city of Dubai that you are also in the middle of the desert here. However, the wonderful desert landscape outside the city offers a great variety of activities that you should not miss during a visit. Balloon rides are a very special highlight. Here you can enjoy a bird's eye view of nature below you. Enjoy the view of the dunes and oases from the balloon and watch the hot-air balloon being prepared for take-off before you take it to the skies. Experience an adventure out of the Arabian Nights. 

In addition to balloon rides in Dubai, helicopter tours can also be booked. While on a balloon flight you will mainly discover the dune landscape and its unique oases, on a helicopter tour you will have a great view of Dubai City. For the adventurous connoisseurs among you, this is certainly a great addition or alternative.

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