Plan your Dubai Trip with Our Travel Tips!

Your holiday in Dubai is imminent and you are wondering what you should consider when planning your trip and on site? We have put together the best Dubai travel tips for you – so your holiday is guaranteed to go according to plan.

Hire a Car or Yacht in Dubai

Would you like to explore Dubai on your own and not be dependent on public transport? We will show you the best places to rent a car, sports car or yacht in Dubai.

Airport Transfers in Dubai – Arrive Relaxed!

Enjoy your holiday in Dubai from the very first minute – starting with a relaxed arrival at the hotel. With a private airport transfer, you will be picked up directly at the airport and thus avoid any travel stress.

Learn More About Dubai

Before you dive into the city from 1001 Nights, you can inform yourself here extensively about Dubai. We will give you the most important and exciting information about the city and the emirate of Dubai so that you are well prepared!

We also show you which beach you should not miss and which events take place during your holiday in Dubai.

Valuable Travel Tips for Your Dubai Holiday

Dubai – the city of superlatives – offers tourists almost everything they need for a perfect holiday. Year-round sunshine, crystal-clear water, great attractions and sights, red dunes, and lots of unique hotels and restaurants.
So it is not without reason that around 16 million people (2017) from all over the world come to Dubai every year. This makes Dubai one of the most visited metropolises in the world.

So that you can enjoy your Dubai journey to the fullest, we tell you valuable travel tips! 16 million people (2017) from all over the world come to Dubai every year for a reason. This makes Dubai one of the most visited metropolises in the world.

Cheap Travel to Dubai

Dubai is known for luxury, gold and wealth. The hotel costs in Dubai are correspondingly high. We have a travel tip for all those who want to spend particularly cheap holidays: Ramadan (from 24 April to 23 May 2020) and the summer months is the answer. Because at this time the hotel prices in Dubai are particularly favorable! Although it is very warm during the summer months in Dubai, one is adjusted to it here: air-conditioned metro stations, malls and refreshing attractions such as water parks. Furthermore, there are also cheap hotels in Dubai that offer some amenities.

Burj Khalifa Tickets at the Best Price

You want to visit the highest building in the world but don’t want to spend a lot of money? No problem! Because tickets after 19 o’clock are half price. In addition, you should book the tickets in advance online, so you save money again and avoid the long queues. Where can you buy these Burj Khalifa tickets? Directly here with us!

It’s Got to Go in the Suitcase

Before boarding the plane to Dubai, you should check again if you have packed the most important things. Our Dubai travel tip for your packing list is definitely a socket adapter. In addition, you should not forget your passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months. Without it, you will not be able to enter the country.

Now it’s your turn! With these Dubai travel tips you are guaranteed to be well equipped and can start your holiday. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via Facebook or mail. We will take care of your request as soon as possible and plan your Dubai trip together with you.