Food & Drink in Dubai

In Dubai, there is a large selection of first-class Arabic and international restaurants, cozy bars, clubs with well-known DJs and many other culinary highlights. We show you the best places to eat and drink in Dubai. In this article, you will also learn everything about Ramadan, alcohol in Dubai, street food, tips and much more.

FAQs About Food & Drink in Dubai

We will inform you here about all the particulars of eating and drinking in Dubai. If you have further questions, please contact us via the contact page or Facebook. We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

How much does it cost to eat and drink in Dubai?

The cheapest place to eat in Dubai is in the food courts of the malls or in old Dubai. There, a dish costs between 4 and 10 euros. An average restaurant visit costs between 10 and 20 euros per person. Of course, there are no upper limits in Dubai.

How much do you tip in Dubai?

In Dubai, there is no official regulation on how much to tip. However, in restaurants, you should usually tip between 10 and 15 per cent of the invoice amount – even if many localities in the menus already indicate that the service fees are included in the price.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai?

Yes, as a tourist you are allowed to consume alcohol in Dubai. However, the consumption of alcohol in Dubai is only allowed from the age of 21. In addition, alcohol is only served in hotels, bars, and clubs. In supermarkets and most restaurants, you don’t get alcohol. In addition, it is frowned upon to consume alcoholic beverages in public areas. Nevertheless, it is possible to buy alcohol in Dubai with a special license for tourists. Find out more in our FAQ on alcohol consumption.

Which dishes are typical for Dubai?

The Emirates’ national dish is shawarma: a flatbread filled with meat, grilled vegetables and Tahina (sesame paste). In addition, hummus, fattoush, tabouleh, dates and sweet pastries with honey and nuts are typical dishes for Dubai.

What about eating and drinking during Ramadan in Dubai?

During the Ramadan period (from 24 April to 23 May 2020), fasting takes place in Dubai from sunrise to sunset. (So from about 6 o’clock in the morning until 19 o’clock in the evening). Neither drinking nor eating is allowed during this time. Therefore you should neither eat nor drink in public at this time. Chewing gum and smoking is not welcome either. Also, many restaurants are closed during this time. However, many of the hotels adapt to western guests and offer small snacks during the day.

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Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Street Food and More in Dubai

Dubai is a true paradise for gourmets, connoisseurs, and party-goers. A large selection of multicultural restaurants, creative bars with exclusive views, clubs with world-famous DJs and unusual street food trucks await you here.

Food in Dubai

The food in Dubai is just as multicultural as Dubai itself. Here you will find almost every type of food your heart desires. Dubai’s cuisine is mainly influenced by Egypt, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Fish, lamb, and poultry are often served in Dubai, but pork is rare. In general, many international dishes such as burgers and international buffets are served in Dubai. The national dish “shawarma” can be found in many street shops and national restaurants.

Indian and Pakistani restaurants are also particularly popular in Dubai. They are especially appreciated for their low prices and high-quality food by many tourists as well as residents and workers.
Those who like to try Arabic dishes will find what they are looking for at the bazaars and spice markets. Old Dubai also has many restaurants that you should definitely try!

Here you can dine particularly cheaply and in an authentic atmosphere. However, you should not be deterred by the outer facade of the restaurants.

Drinking in Dubai

Since most restaurants do not serve alcohol, people like to drink tea and non-alcoholic drinks such as water and various juices. Bars and clubs, on the other hand, serve alcohol. Here you usually have a large selection of creative cocktails, long drinks, wines, sparkling wine, and champagne as well as beer. The most famous beers in Dubai are Stella Artois and Heinecken beer.
In general, alcohol may only be drunk in Dubai from the age of 21 – this is also strictly observed.

Clubs and Celebrations in Dubai

Dubai is known worldwide for its fantastic nightlife. Here people dance until late into the night to a wide variety of music – often outdoors next to a pool. Regular live shows take place in the hottest clubs in Dubai. In addition, well-known DJs often play there. House and techno fans are guaranteed to get their money’s worth in Dubai!