Streetfood in Dubai

Street Food in Dubai: Food Trucks, Finger Food, and Much More!

Besides numerous restaurants, there are also some street food markets in Dubai. But they are definitely not inferior to the restaurants in quality and taste! We show you the best street food markets in Dubai.

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Street Food Culture in Dubai - Find What You are Looking for Here

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    Street Food at the Dubai Marina Walk

    • in front of Dubai Marina Mall

    Directly at the Dubai Marina Walk, there is a street food market with many extraordinary food trucks. Especially recommended is the Salt Snack. Here you will find the most delicious burgers and fries in Dubai! The majority of street food snacks have a small outdoor lounge with seating. Some food stands even offer entertainment such as table tennis and board games. The cozy atmosphere at the Dubai Marina is especially noteworthy when the colorful lights of the buildings are reflected in the water in the evening.

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    Last Exit Street Food Markt

    • Jebel Ali South, Jebel Ali North, Al Qudr & Al Khawaneej

    Last Exit is a great street food market with some vans offering a wide selection of fresh and delicious food in an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere. The Food Trucks serve creatively prepared food from diverse cultures and countries, from Arabic to international. Everything is served here. The Street Food Market Last Exit is available at several locations, for example in Al Qudra and Jebel Ali North and South. Particularly recommended is the Food Truck D.O.N. Pizza, which makes crispy and lavishly topped pizzas - but see for yourself! Another must-try is the milkshakes from Johnny Rockets, for example with Oreo.

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    Jumeirah Corniche

    • Coastal Promenade from Dubai Marina to Jumeirah

    At 14 kilometers in length, the Jumeirah Corniche is the longest promenade in Dubai. It stretches from the Burj al Arab to the Jumeirah Mosque. It's ideal for combining a short walk in the evening with a delicious snack. Here you will find a lot of specialties from different nationalities. A popular place to go is the hyped Salt Food Truck. Here you will be spoiled with juicy burgers, tasty fries, and milkshakes.

Dubai's Food Festival

Every year in February/March there is a multi-day Food Festival in Dubai. The next Dubai Street Food Festival will take place from 26 February - 14 March 2020.
During this time Dubai turns into a paradise for street food lovers. At different places in Dubai, you will find numerous street food trucks with food from all over the world. The creative dishes are prepared directly on-site and we can speak for their quality, creativity, and above all enjoyment! All this at reasonable prices! In addition, delicious tastings, cooking courses, and live shows await you.

A Short Review of the Food Festival 2019:


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Eat Cheap in Dubai

A common misconception is that in Dubai only luxury can be seen and that the culture is less and less visible. But in Dubai in particular, so many nationalities and cultures come together as in a few other countries. This is not least due to Dubai's location as an international hub and to the many immigrants who have found work in Dubai. This mixture of different cultures is also noticeable in Dubai's selection of food and restaurants. Here you benefit from an enormous variety and creativity in the food on offer. To enjoy international delicacies, you don't have to go to a star restaurant. Many street food markets in Dubai also offer delicious dishes with great quality and freshness. In addition, the dishes here are often cooked in an original way, just as you can enjoy them on the streets of these very countries.

The food trucks and open street kitchens invite you to get to know various eating cultures from all over the world. The creative food trucks especially, which are known for example from the streets of New York, create an urban atmosphere and invite you to stay and taste.

In addition to creative dishes, street food also stands for organic and sustainably produced food. The street food cuisine in Dubai meets the urban need for healthy yet fast and uncomplicated food. Whether it's sushi, burgers, tacos, curries, vegan dishes or cupcakes, and other desserts – at the street food markets in Dubai you will find lots of delicacies to spoil your palate.

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