Kulinarisches Highlight in Dubai mit dem Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky Dubai – Info & Tickets

With the Dinner in the Sky in Dubai, you will experience Dubai's skyline like never before. Enjoy an exclusive view and a delicious menu in hovering flight. Get all the information you need about the menu and the popular Dinner in the Sky tickets.

Tickets for the Dinner in the Sky Dubai

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  • Dinner in the Sky am Abend
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    Dinner: Dinner in the Sky Ticket

    • from $ 199, duration: 1.5 hours
    • Three-course dinner (menu of your choice)
    • Soft drinks, coffee, and tea

    Enjoy a gourmet dinner above the clouds of Dubai. From there, you have a perfect view of the brightly lit skyline of Dubai as well as Ain Dubai and the new Dubai Harbour with the Dubai Lighthouse. You can choose your preferred time between several time windows.

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    Afternoon Tea: Dinner in the Sky Ticket

    • Currently not available
    • Fresh sandwiches and cakes
    • Fresh juice, soft drinks, coffee, and tea

    How about a little afternoon snack high above the clouds? In the afternoon, you have an incredible view of Dubai's skyline, like nowhere else! The ideal place to take beautiful souvenir photos of your Dubai to stay. Enjoy the selection of delicious cakes and sandwiches while a light cool breeze will cool you off.

A 90-Minute First Class Flight with the Dinner in the Sky in Dubai

With an experienced crew, you take off near the coast at Dubai Marina. At a height of 50 meters, you will enjoy a select selection of dishes from the 5-star luxury hotels LE MERIDIEN and THE WESTIN. You'll sit securely and comfortably on an armchair aboard the floating platform and enjoy the first-class service. Not for nothing is the Dinner in the Sky listed among the ten most exceptional restaurants in the world on the FORBES list.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai
From up here, you can enjoy a perfect view of the Ain Dubai and skyline.
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During the flight, the platform rotates slowly. This gives you a 360° view of the skyline of Dubai Marina, the new island of Bluewaters with the breathtaking Ain Dubai observation wheel, and the Palm Jumeirah.
You will also get a first glimpse of the newly built Dubai Harbour with its three marinas around the Dubai Lighthouse, which will be built very close to the Dinner in the Sky.
The Dinner in the Sky area is located near the skydiving airport. Here you will see an airplane with parachutists every now and then.

Those who are free from vertigo will also enjoy the swivel function of their own armchairs. With this function, you can turn around your own axis and let your feet dangle in the air. However, even those with anxiety about heights can spend a relaxing time on board with the Dinner in the Sky. Read more in our FAQs at the end of this article.

Six Flights - Three Meals - Countless Combination Possibilities

Contrary to what one might expect from the name "Dinner", customers have the opportunity to take a flight for lunch and afternoon tea in addition to the dinner.

A Culinary Experience at Any Time of Day

Dinner in the Sky takes place six times a day. Depending on the time of day, passengers can be served a menu for lunch (2 flights), in the afternoon (1 flight, somewhat cheaper), or dinner (3 flights). All flights last 90 minutes.

In the following, we present the food offer, the flight times, and the ticket and booking options of the organizer.

The Menu Offer of the Dinner in the Sky in Dubai

The food on offer depends on the meal and consists of a great mixture of high-quality meat and fish dishes as well as vegetarian compositions and sweet delicacies. The menus are cooked by the 5-star hotels LE MERIDIEN and THE WESTIN. They are very close by.

When booking a lunch or dinner, customers choose from a variety of dishes that can be combined to form a multi-course menu. For lunch and dinner, there are several starters, main courses, and desserts to choose from. The afternoon menu includes a selection of exclusive sandwiches and luxurious pastries.

Various soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks are served with the meal. Coffee or tea (all-inclusive, no extra costs) will follow.

You can always find the actual dishes on the Dinner in the Sky website.

Dinner in the Sky in Dubai - All Ticket Prices at a Glance

The breathtaking view of Dubai's skyline and the luxurious menu on board the Dinner in the Sky in Dubai costs between $ 142 – $ 199 depending on the day of the week and the meal. Dinner in the Sky is cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. The prices are ascending from afternoon flight, noon flight, and evening flight.

Dinner in the Sky Tickets Easy and Cheap Online Booking

Tickets for the Dinner in the Sky can be conveniently booked online. When booking, you will also see the respective price, which is subject to the above variables.
Use our partner portals GetYourGuide.com or Headout.com, which are convenient booking options for experiences in Dubai and around the world.

Our tip: It is best to book your Dinner in the Sky ticket as early as possible, as it is a very popular experience in Dubai and only 22 seats are available per flight.

A Good Flight for Sure

The approximately 7 × 4 meter construction offers space for up to 22 guests and four crew members, who take care of the well-being of the guests. The passengers sit strapped around the inner cooking and bar area.

While the "cooks" and barkeepers serve delicious food and drinks, a specially appointed "safety supervisor" always takes care of the comfort, safety, and questions of the guests. In addition, the floating platform is connected to the ground by long ropes for stabilization, so that even in light winds no swinging part is lost in flight. A concept that has proven it's worth many times: the Dinner in the Sky is held in Dubai, London, Athens, Malta, Brussels, and many other cities in the 45 countries currently served.

From Departure to Landing - An Overview

Passengers reach the Dinner in the Sky near King Salman Road on the grounds of Skydive Dubai (Al Seyahi Road, Dubai). Guests check-in at reception with their pre-booked tickets and are allowed to sit in a lounge area until all guests have arrived. The organizer asks you to be there 15 minutes before the booked departure. Free drinks are available in the air-conditioned lounge area. Free toilets (no toilets onboard the platform) and lockers are also available in the lounge area.

The Lounge Area of the Dinner in the Sky Dubai
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After all the guests have arrived there will be a greeting and a short briefing by the security officer before we go to the platform. You and your loved ones can sit close together on the platform because there is free seating available. Once you've chosen your chair, you will be strapped in by the crew who check to make sure you are sitting comfortably and safely.

Then it's "cleared for take-off" and you will slowly climb up to a height of 50 meters, where the dishes you have chosen in advance will be served. The employees of Dinner in the Sky artfully arrange the menus, which have just been cooked in the adjacent luxury hotels, on the plates and serve them with drinks of your choice. In between, there will always be some time in which the courteous crew will be happy to answer your questions and take pictures. Depending on the time of day, great photos of Dubai and the surrounding islands with their attractions can be taken from there by the day or by night.

After about 90 minutes of flight time, the platform is slowly lowered again and the unique experience comes to an end.

What Awaits You at the Dinner in the Sky in Dubai Can Be Seen in the Following Video

Please note: The following Duncan Adventure's video was recorded at the previous Dinner in the Sky's location. The dinner is now located near Dubai Marina next to the Skydive area.


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FAQ about Dinner in the Sky Dubai

Can I do the Dinner in the Sky despite my fear of heights?

The platform of the Dinner in the Sky is pulled 50 meters up by a crane and is secured several times. In addition, you will be looked after by an experienced crew. Two of our testers are also afraid of heights and did not want to miss the experience. They report that the Dinner in the Sky was worth it!
Our best tip for people with a fear of heights is not to look down vertically and to enjoy the view into the distance instead. Of course, the Dinner in the Sky is a kick and a special experience. If passengers are extremely afraid of heights, this experience may not be the right option for them and they should consider an alternative.

Are there toilets aboard the Dinner in the Sky?

No. The platform doesn't have toilets. Before and after the event, visitors have the opportunity to use the toilets in the organizer's lounge area. In an emergency, the platform would be lowered during the 90-minute flight. However, the "emergency" ends the flight for the person in question in order to prevent further interruptions.

May I smoke aboard the Dinner in the Sky?

No. For safety reasons, the organizer forbids smoking during the flight.

How long is the flight with the Dinner in the Sky in Dubai?

The flight time including boarding is 90 minutes.

Is the dinner in the Sky in Dubai worth it?

We find: absolutely! The kitchens of the two 5-star hotels prepare one culinary highlight after the other and the atmosphere, as well as the view, are unique. From here you have an overview of all Dubai's landmarks and can take unique photos and videos for yourself and your loved ones.

Can I pay cash onboard?

No. Cash payment is not possible. All passengers must book Dinner in the Sky tickets in advance and specify their preferred meals when booking.

Can I book the Dinner in the Sky for my own events?

The Dinner in the Sky can also be booked exclusively as an event location for birthdays, company celebrations, etc. Please contact the organizer via their website: https://dinnerinthesky.ae/contact

Opening Hours and Directions

Opening Hours

14:00 - 23:00
14:00 - 13:00
14:00 - 13:00
14:00 - 23:00
14:00 - 23:00
14:00 - 23:00
14:00 - 23:00

Due to the high temperatures in Dubai, Dinner in the Sky is closed from June to October.


Arrival by Bus
The easiest way to get to Dinner in the Sky is by bus lines 8, 84, and N55, bus stop: Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 1, Seaside. From there it's a 20-minute walk.

Skydive - Al Seyahi St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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