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Book a Cheap Rental Car in Dubai

For some, a rental car in Dubai is obligatory. For others it's a welcome alternative to public transport. In this article, you'll find out why it's worth renting a car in Dubai and where to find the best place to rent your car.

Renting a Car in Dubai Made Easy

Having your own rental car offers enormous freedom when traveling compared to relying on public transport. Don't let timetables divide your day, but experience Dubai exactly when and where you want! By renting a car in Dubai you also have the possibility of taking individual trips and tours outside the city. For example, excursions to Abu Dhabi, Dubai's deserts and nearby Oman and its capital Muscat.

Especially on trips into the desert, we recommend that you inform yourself separately about tours. An all-terrain rental car is by the way not uncommon in Dubai - just choose one and drive into the sand!

Advantages of a Rental Car in Dubai

A rental car offers travelers in Dubai a lot of advantages. We've summarized them here:

  • Mobile and flexible travel through Dubai
    You decide when and where to go. Spontaneous detours are no longer a problem with the Dubai rental car. There is a lot to experience in Dubai!
  • Independent and convenient mobility
    Organizers of travel through Dubai by bus usually have rigid plans as to how the day will go. In addition, you often pay for expensive extra services such as drinks, snacks and a guide, which not everyone wants to make use of. The use of the Dubai rental car means that you can make your own plans.
  • Be closer to what's happening in the Emirate of Dubai
    By borrowing a rental car and independently driving on Arab soil, you will inevitably come into more contact with locals. You'll meet them when hiring your car, when filling up your tank, when you ask for directions, and also when you choose your own excursion destinations.

Rent a Car in Dubai - When and Where You Want

No matter where you are, you can be sure that renting a car in Dubai is not a problem. A large number of Dubai Rent a Car providers guarantee a wide and dense network of rental stations. Often these companies also offer shuttle services for their customers. Either the rental car is delivered directly to your hotel or you are driven to the Rent a Car station by one of the provider's employees.
At some locations in Dubai, these rental stations are located right next to the well-known and well-known hotels.

Location tip: Renting a car at Dubai Airport (Airport Dubai International) often makes sense, as many customers need a car here. Accordingly, there is a large selection of different rental cars available at the airport in Dubai that are ready to pick up immediately.

What You Should Keep in Mind When Renting a Car in Dubai

In addition to the size of the vehicle to be rented, it is really advisable to pay attention to the additional services and insurances offered. Favorable renting car offers often appear super attractive, whereby the devil is in the detail. Look out for high self participation costs or small kilometer lump sums (free kilometers) with extra kilometers to be paid for over and above that. These can make up here a very large portion of the total costs. Therefore we recommend you to book your Dubai rental car online. The advantages are obvious:
You have an overview of the various offers, and can select and deselect additional services. Also, if you want to book with a German-language booking portal you'll be able to understand all components of the rental agreement and will usually have access to free support hotlines.

Our Tips for Car Hire in Dubai

Local providers and online booking options are battling it out for the cheapest car hire Dubai on the Persian Gulf. But let us tell you- you shouldn't make your decision based on price alone. What is important when renting a car?

In principle, the offers differ naturally depending on the type of vehicle. From maneuverable and practical two-seaters to luxurious and generously proportioned SUVs, everything is included. Dubai Rent a Car services usually have a huge range of vehicles and many offer well-known brands and sportier models. The rule of thumb here is, the bigger, the more expensive. If you would like to rent a sports car in Dubai, take a look at our listing of car rental businesses which specialize particularly in sports cars and other luxury models. Rent a sports car in Dubai.

Questions and Answers about Car Rental in Dubai

Where can I pick up a rental car in Dubai?

In Dubai, you will find pick-up points for rental cars on almost every corner. Many providers are situated at hot spots such as well-known hotels, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Downtown, Dubai Marina, Bur Dubai and the airport in Dubai.

What documents will I need to rent a car in Dubai?

You will need your valid driving license and identity card (or passport). Some providers also require a credit card to book the deposit and invoice the vehicle.

How much does fuel (petrol and diesel) cost in Dubai?

The fuel price in Dubai in mid-2019 corresponds to slightly more than a third of the German gasoline and diesel price. Current prices in the corresponding currency can be found at GlobalPetrolPrices.com

Which additional services can be booked?

Depending on the provider, a volume of free kilometers, insurance and protection services such as theft protection, fully comprehensive insurance, full cover and additional driver can be booked.
Accessories such as navigation systems and child & baby seats can also be booked.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Dubai?

Cars can usually be rented in Dubai from the age of 21. Special, higher-priced vehicles are sometimes only available from the age of 25. Surcharges for young drivers may apply.

Do You Want a Few More Horses Under the Hood?

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    Rent a Sports Car in Dubai

    Is a standard rental car in Dubai not powerful enough for you? Do you prefer a car with more horsepower? Then we have exactly the right car for you! On our sports car page, you will find numerous providers in Dubai who specialize in sports and luxury cars.