Frau vor der Dubai Fountain am Burj Khalifa

12 Free Activities in Dubai

Although Dubai is a symbol of luxury, the city also offers a lot of attractions that you can visit for free. Therefore we have listed all the available free activities in Dubai for you. At the end of the article, you will also find top activities under 25 euros.

Don't Miss These Free Attractions in Dubai!

In Dubai, there are a lot of sights and activities that you have to pay for but should not miss: A visit to the Burj Khalifa, a desert safari or a visit to the water park. But there are also free activities in Dubai. Save your wallet and discover Dubai on your own. We have selected the best 12 free activities in Dubai for you.

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    The Dubai Mall

    • Downtown Dubai

    A visit to the Dubai Mall shopping center is totally worthwhile for an unforgettable shopping stroll. The 350,000 square meter shopping center attracts several million visitors every year, mainly due to its numerous features: An artificial ice rink to watch, a fascinating aquarium, a multiplex cinema, and a music-controlled fountain are located directly in the mall. The Dubai Mall is also home to the world's largest gold souk - a feast for the eyes!

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    Free Museums in Dubai

    • Bastakiya Area

    There are many museums in Dubai that can be visited free of charge. As these museums are still rather unknown to the tourists, it is relatively quiet there and one can look around in peace. Most of the free museums are located in the Bastakiya quarter near the Creek. Here there are some great exhibition houses that are definitely worthwhile! Especially recommended are the Coffee Museum, the Camel Museum, and the Coin Museum. In addition, Dubai's oldest school, the Al Ahmadiya School, has been converted into a free museum.

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    Dubai Creek

    • Deira / Bur Dubai

    Dubai Creek is an approximately 14-kilometer-long estuary of the Persian Gulf that divides Dubai into the two city districts of Bur Dubai and Deira. The two districts are connected by three beautiful bridges. The Dubai Creekside Park with its unique theme gardens attracts numerous visitors who come to marvel and relax. The traditional Abras (water taxis) which run on Dubai Creek create a special flair. It's a perfect environment for a relaxing holiday stroll in foreign climes.
    Tip: A nostalgic trip with the Abra is very cheap and worthwhile in any case! Tickets are available directly here.

  4. Riverland Dubai

    • Dubai Parks and Resorts, Sheikh Zayed Road

    The waterway Riverland in Dubai is a true idyll! There are small cottages directly at the river's edge, which are marked by different epochs. For example, there is a French village, an American promenade from the 1950s, an Indian gate and a European island from the 19th century. The river is located in Dubai Parks and Resorts. The miles-long river of Riverland is ideal for a long walk or just to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a short time. There are also many cafes, restaurants, and small shops along the Riverlands.

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    Dubai Fountain

    • Downtown Dubai

    The Dubai Fountain is located directly in front of the largest building in the world and is the largest water fountain in the world. The water, music and light spectacle can be watched every day from around 6 p.m. and takes place every 30 minutes. The amazing water fountains reach a height of up to 150 meters. The numerous luxury hotels next door offer a very special view of the water spectacle. From the rooms, restaurant, and bars the guests can follow the water games with musical accompaniment.
    Tip: The Dubai Fountain can even be seen at close range on an Abra. Tickets for under 20 € are available here.

  6. Safa Park

    • Deira / Bur Dubai

    Safa Park is located directly on Sheikh Zayed Road and is the most popular and largest park in Dubai. The park's large and well-kept green areas attract many families, couples and larger groups to barbecue, relax and picnic. There are also several playgrounds for children. Here you can really relax, whether on a leisurely boat trip on the lake or on a blanket in the lush green grass.

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    Dubai Aquarium

    • Dubai Mall (Downtown Dubai)

    Dubai Aquarium is located in Dubai's largest shopping mall – the Dubai Mall. The aquarium extends over 3 floors, with the largest tank holding around 10,000 cubic meters of water. Over 33,000 marine animals live in the Dubai Aquarium, including sharks, rays and many colorful fish. A special attraction of the Dubai Aquarium is the tunnel, through which you get an unforgettable insight into the underwater world. The Dubai Aquarium can be viewed free of charge through a huge acrylic glass pane several meters away. The entrance into the 50m long tunnel through the aquarium is not free of charge.

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    Galleries on Alserkal Avenue

    • Arts District, First Al Khail Street

    Stroll through the city's most beautiful galleries. In Alserkal Avenue you will find many art objects, paintings, and warehouses. Especially at La Galerie Nationale and Isabelle van den Eynde Gallery, you will find some of the best art objects in town. A visit to the industrially inspired MAD Gallery is definitely also worthwhile! The chocolate factory Mirzam is particularly popular on Alserkal Avenue. According to our partner manager, they have the tastiest chocolate in Dubai ;-)

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    Walk Through the Dubai Marina

    • Dubai Marina, south of Palm Jumeirah

    The district Dubai Marina is characterized by the numerous high and architecturally valuable skyscrapers. An artificial canal flows through Dubai Marina, which was created for a luxurious marina. There are also many cozy restaurants, bars and a shopping street along the promenade that invites you to take a leisurely stroll. Since the Jumeirah Beach Residence - a very large holiday resort with numerous luxury hotels - is part of the Dubai Marina district, many tourists cavort here.

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    Camel Market Al Ain

    • Al Ain, Abu Dhabi (Day Trip)

    A trip to the emirate Al Ain is a real insider tip! The small emirate is really charming since tourism has hardly spread there at all. Above all, the camel market in Al Ain makes the tranquil emirate so special. Here the most expensive and most beautiful camels in the world can be bought at auction. You can also see the numerous camels up close and with a little luck even stroke them.

    Do you already have a mobile vehicle in Dubai? Have a look at our car rental page.

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    Spice and Gold Souk

    • Deira

    There are plenty of souks in Dubai. Overfilled bags with freshly scented spices in rich colors can be found in narrow alleyways. Remember to bargain in the souks to get the best price. One of the largest spice souks in Dubai is located in Deira on Dubai Creek. It is open from morning till noon and in the evening. The Gold Souk is right next door, in Al Ras.
    Tip: Don't forget to sample the spices at the spice stands.

  12. Dubai's Fish Market

    • Deira

    Already several meters before you arrive, the fish market can be recognized due to the strong fish smell. Here traders offer fresh fish every morning from about 7.30 a.m. onwards. However, one should not come much later, as the fish is often very quickly bought by hotels. Rare seafood and shark meat are on offer there. Such a large selection of seafood is rarely seen at fish markets.
    Tip: The fruit and vegetable market right next door is also highly recommended and doesn't have a fishy smell ;-).

Top Activities in Dubai Under 25 €