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The Live-Show La Perle inspires everyone! On a gigantic water stage, you experience impressive acrobats in symbiosis with moving music and skillful animations. Get your tickets now for the – we think – a most beautiful show of all time.

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La Perle Tickets

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    La Perle Standard Ticket

    • from $ 70.52
    • Admission to "La Perle Live Show"

    With this ticket, you have access to the live show La Perle, with free seating in the category "Silver". Let yourself be carried away by the unique show with over 65 artists. With the help of the latest technology and a legendary water stage, an unforgettable result is created that will fascinate you for a lifetime. Promised!

What Awaits You at the La Perle Water Theatre

Contrary to what one might expect from the name "Dinner", customers have the opportunity to take a flight for lunch and afternoon tea in addition to the dinner.

Since August 2017, Dubai has been home to probably the most spectacular live show. A separate theatre was even built for La Perle. It is located in the V-Hotel in Dubai Al Habtoor. Especially in the evenings, the building can already be recognized by the colorful lighting. In total, the theatre offers space for 1,300 people. The seats are arranged in a 270-degree angle around the stage. This results in only 14 rows. Due to this arrangement, each seat has a good view of the unique stage.
The concept of the show comes from the theatre director Franco Dragone. He is the former creative director of Cirque Du Soleil and was responsible for the well-known shows "Celine Dion a New Day", "Le Rêve" and "House of Dancing Water". But what makes the show La Perle so special?

A Unique Stage

The center of the show is the pool in the middle of the stage. A rubber floor allows the stage to be completely covered with water within a few seconds and then drained again, making the pool disappeared. On the walls, which are mostly used for inspiring animations, big waterfalls come out again and again, which flood the whole stage and provide for new stage design. Altogether more than 2.7 million liters of water is used for a performance.

Above the water stage, fascinating shows take place again and again. Acrobats hold on to ropes and fall into the small pool from over 25 meters height or they emerge from the pool as if out of nowhere. Motorcyclists who turn their rounds in a metal ball while the ball opens downwards. The stage of the show can be transformed into different pictures within a few seconds and thus provides inspiring scenarios.

La Perle plays with almost all the visitors' senses, combining light, water, wind and scent to captivate and amaze. The combination of image and light effects on the walls gives the impression that the entire stage moves around you - as if you were part of the show. The complete stage show is structured as if something is constantly moving - whether on the sides, at the bottom or at the top. At La Perle, there's something to see and hear everywhere for the full 90 minutes. Pictures and videos can be taken to send to your loved ones during the show if they are not traveling with you to Dubai. Only the flash must be switched off!

The Artists

A total of 65 international artists are behind the artists of La Perle. They come from over 23 countries and have been selected from hundreds of artists in a rigorous process. Some of the experts are very experienced artists who have already participated in world-famous shows. On the other hand, there are also artists who have not yet participated in a major show. The La Perle team is made up of actors, acrobats, dancers, and other creative and sporting disciplines.

La Perle: A Journey Through Its History

The story of La Perle is not very important at the show. In the foreground is the unique stage atmosphere. However, as you can guess, La Perle is about a pearl. During the show, the audience is sent on a journey to a place outside of reality. Through visual poetry, the visitors experience an emotional roller coaster ride: from being frightened to excite and sad and finally fulfilled.

A Little Foretaste of the La Perle Show


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Our Conclusion on La Perle

Even if the ticket price for a 90-minute show seems very expensive, don't be deterred. By the end of the show, you will be glad that you bought a ticket. It should be made clear that the La Perle Theatre is not a normal theatre. After all, it is located in Dubai - the city where almost anything seems possible.

La Perle is especially popular in the hot summer months. The front seats (splash seats where it can get wet) are particularly very popular! We, therefore, recommend that you book your La Perle ticket online in advance so that you can have a free choice of seats, the best view, and can be sure that you are not standing in front of a sold-out show. In addition, you can save yourself the sometimes very long queues and can check in directly with your online ticket.

Opening Hours and Directions

Opening Hours

19:00 - 0:00
19:00 - 0:00
19:00 - 0:00
19:00 - 0:00
19:00 - 0:00

May vary on public holidays/festivities (e.g. during Ramadan)


Arrival by Bus
The best way to get to La Perle is by bus line 7, stop Al Quoz, Dubai Municipality Center 2.

Arrival by Car
You can park comfortably for a duration of 3 hours in the parking lot "Al Habtoor City Parking" free of charge.

260 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Al Habtoor City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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