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Palm Tower: The new Symbol of the Palm Jumeirah

On the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, one of the most spectacular palm trees is being created: A building of modern, award-winning architecture and engineering. Highlights of the Palm Tower are the infinity pool and the 360-degree viewing platform The View. More information & tickets for the Palm Tower can be found in this article.

The most spectacular Palm Tree in Dubai: The Palm Tower

Work on the artificially created Palm Jumeirah began almost 20 years ago. And today, the palm island is almost entirely developed and is causing a sensation worldwide.
Whether luxury hotels, private apartments and luxury villas, leisure activities, and beaches: the Palm Jumeirah offers a comprehensive range of facilities for its visitors.
At the top of the Palm Jumeirah is the Atlantis The Palm Hotel, which is considered the landmark of the Palm Jumeirah. But now this landmark is growing: The Palm Tower is being built in the heart of the island. An award-winning building project, inspired by the shape of a palm tree.

Data and Facts about the Palm Tower

  • Completion: mid-2020
  • Costs: approx. 300 million euros
  • 52 floors
  • 930,000 liters of water in the infinity pool
  • 775 square meters of Infinity Pool area
  • The infinity pool at 210 meters above sea level
  • 432 luxury apartments
  • Viewing platform The View at the height of 240 meters
  • 4 exclusive restaurants

What to expect at the Palm Tower

The 52-story building project is managed by the construction company Nakheel. It is already responsible for many large construction projects in Dubai. Highlights of the Palm Tower are the infinity pool on the 50th floor of the building and the viewing platform The View on the 52nd floor. The building also houses the luxury St. Regis Hotel on the 1st - 18th floor. On the 19th - 47th floors are private apartments of the highest class. The top studios are equipped with a balcony, which provides an exclusive view. Furthermore, the 51st floor is home to the restaurant SUSHISAMBA, located directly above the infinity pool. The glass walls offer an extensive view during the meal.
Right next to the Palm Tower is one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai: the Nakheel Mall.

The 360-Viewing Platform

  • Palm Tower auf der Palm Jumeirah
    © Nakheel

    The View of Palm Tower

    On the top floor of the Palm Tower is the viewing platform and lounge "The View of the Palm".

    Before an elevator takes you to lofty heights of 240 meters in just three minutes, an interactive museum informs you about the architectural details of the tower. The ride in the elevator will remain in your memory and is an experience in itself. Thanks to digital technology, the walls imitate the desert, sea, and sky from the ceiling to the floor on which you stand!

    Once at the top, a 360-degree view over Palm Jumeirah, the skyline of Dubai and the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf await you.

    And just a few meters below the viewing deck, the crystal clear water of the infinity pool glistens. It allows you to explore the 360-degree view while swimming in the refreshing water.

An Infinity Pool of the Extra Class

  • Palm Tower Aussichtsplattform
    © Nakheel


    Another highlight of the Palm Tower is the infinity pool, which is located at the height of 210 meters. With a size of 775 square meters, the pool extends once around the entire tower. This offers guests a 360-degree view while swimming around the tower. In total, the gigantic infinity pool contains 930,000 liters of water.

    Tickets for the Infinity Pool

    As soon as there are tickets for the gigantic infinity pool in the Palm Tower, you can purchase them here. Through our partner, we offer you the tickets for the best price.

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A restaurant in a class of its own: The SUSHISAMBA in the Palm Tower

  • SUSHISAMBA Restaurant auf dem Palm Tower
    © Nakheel

    SUSHISAMBA Restaurant

    Those who are too fond of the view can always have dinner at the renowned restaurant SUSHISAMBA. It is located on the 51st floor of the Palm Tower at the height of 220 meters.

    In metropolises such as London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam, it has already become the darling of the gourmet avant-garde. And not without reason. After all, the modern mix of Pacific cuisine from Japan and Peru with Caribbean influences from Brazil couldn't be better suited to the cosmopolitan ambiance of the new Arab world. Even people with vegetarian and vegan preferences get their money's worth here.

The luxurious St. Regis Hotel in the Palm Tower

  • St. Regis Hotel

    The 5-star luxury hotel St. Regis is located on the 1st - 18th floor of the Palm Tower. The 289 rooms and suites are distributed there.
    The luxury hotel is intended to meet the high demand for luxury hotels in Dubai further. This is already the third St. Regis Hotel in Dubai, which will now once again surpass itself in terms of comfort and luxury.

    Unique for this hotel

    • Hotel Beach Club
    • 2 outdoor swimming pools
    • Exclusive access to the viewing platform and the infinity pool

    Here you can book the St. Regis Hotel online soon

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A shopping mall of Superlatives

  • Nakheel Mall auf der Palm Jumeirah
    © Nakheel

    Nakheel Mall

    The Nakheel Mall on the Palm Jumeirah has five levels with more than 300 shops, restaurants, and entertainment.
    Nakheel Mall is home to shops such as Waitrose, H&M, and Sephora. It also has a VOX cinema, a trampoline hall, and the Fabyland - entertainment for the whole family!

Construction and completion of the Palm Tower

The Palm Tower is nearing completion. It is scheduled to open as early as the beginning/mid-2020. A total of 988 construction workers are working on the building to complete it as quickly as possible. For this, more than 77,600 cubic meters of concrete, 46,000 square meters of glass, and 17,000 tons of steel will be used for the entire building.
The construction of the first 50 floors, including the infinity pool, has already been completed. Hard work is currently underway on the top two levels.
The associated shopping mall Nakheel Mall was already opened at the end of 2019.

Location & Approach

The Palm Tower is located in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah palm islands. The building is directly connected to Nakheel Mall, where the entrance to The View is located.
Also, the Palm Jumeirah beaches, as well as Jumeirah Harbour and Sheik Zayed Road, are less than 5 minutes away from the Palm Tower.

Arrival by taxi
The Palm Tower is easily accessible by taxi, over, etc. via a marked meeting point.

Approach by Metro
The Monorail stops directly in front of the Palm Tower and runs daily around the clock.

Arrival by bus
To reach the Palm Tower by bus, there are several bus lines available. You can find a timetable here.

Frequently asked questions about the Palm Tower

We have answered the most critical questions about the Palm Tower for you. If you have any further questions about the building, we will be happy to help you.

When does the Palm Tower open?

The building is already close to completion and is scheduled to open in mid-2020. As soon as the exact opening date is known, we will publish it on our website.
If you can't expect more, we recommend a visit to the Nakheel Shopping Mall right next door. From there, you have a perfect view of the building project.

Where can I buy tickets for the Palm Tower viewing platform?

As always, you can find tickets for the Palm Tower directly on our website. As soon as the Palm Tower is open, you can buy the tickets conveniently through our booking partner and benefit from many advantages.

How much did the building cost in total?

The mega-project cost a total of about 300 million euros.

Is it worthwhile visiting the Palm Tower?

Absolutely! Because of the viewing platform, you will have a unique view of the famous Palm Island and the skyline of Dubai.

What is the best way to reach Palm Tower?

Directly in front of the building, a monorail stop was built to reach the Palm Tower as well as the Nakheel Mall easily. The access to the Tower is located at Nakheel Mall.

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