Das Luxushotel Burj al Arab

Tours & Restaurants at the Burj al Arab

Visit what is probably the most magnificent hotel in the world: the Burj al Arab in Dubai. During a tour, you will immerse yourself in the luxurious world of the 7-star hotel - crowned by a culinary experience in one of the award-winning Burj al Arab restaurants.

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Burj al Arab Tours

You would like to visit the luxury hotel Burj al Arab from the inside? Then book a guided tour of the Burj al Arab and be guided through a world of luxury, gold, and extravagance!

  • Burj al Arab Tour
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    Guided Burj al Arab Tour

    • from US$ 67.79, duration: 1.5 hours
    • Guided tour of the Burj al Arab

    Explore the iconic Burj al Arab on a guided tour while your butler leads you through the entire hotel. He will provide you with exciting facts and stories about the Burj al Arab during the tour. See various glamorous suites from the inside and feel like a guest of the most luxurious hotel in the world for a short while. To make your visit to the Burj al Arab even more enjoyable, you have the option to book your Burj al Arab ticket with transfer.

  • Our Recommendation
    Burj al Arab VIP Tour
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    Guided Burj al Arab tour with beverage or food package

    • from US$ 81.40, duration: 1.5 hours
    • Guided tour of the Burj al Arab
    • Drinks or food packages (e.g. Golden coffee with pastries)

    Experience the world's most luxurious hotel up close on a guided tour! Let yourself be enchanted by a world full of luxury and gold. Your guide will take you to the most impressive corners of the Burj al Arab and provide you with exciting insider knowledge about the luxury hotel. After the Burj al Arab tour, you will enjoy - depending on your choice - a beverage or dining package of the extra class. How about a golden cappuccino with a delicious pastry, for example? Or a Pizza Margherita, as you have guaranteed never seen.

  • Combo-Ticket
    Burj al Arab Kombi-Ticket
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    Burj al Arab & Burj Khalifa

    • from US$ 249.44
    • Guided tour of the Burj al Arab
    • Ticket for Burj Khalifa: Levels 154, 153 & 152
    • Burj Khalifa: Incl. drinks and snacks

    Visit the two most famous buildings in Dubai: the Burj Khalifa and the luxury hotel Burj al Arab.
    Discover the luxury hotel Burj al Arab on a guided tour from the inside and let yourself be carried away by a world of luxury and glamor.
    In the Burj Khalifa, the world's fastest elevator will take you to the top floors of the Burj Khalifa (levels 152 - 154). There, a gigantic view of the Arab Emirates awaits you. In the Burj Khalifa's exclusive lounge area, you will be served delicious gourmet appetizers as well as beverages of your choice. Enjoy first-class live entertainment with a gigantic view!

Tickets for the Burj al Arab Restaurants

Go on a culinary journey of the highest level in one of the Burj al Arab restaurants. A perfect opportunity to discover the luxury hotel from the inside.

  • Burj al Arab Ticket Sahn Eddar
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    Arabian Afternoon Tea at Sahn Eddar Lounge

    • from US$ 298.51, duration: 2 hours
    • Afternoon tea with 7-course tea menu
    • Incl. return transport

    Enjoy an exclusive afternoon tea in the Sahn Eddar Lounge at the Burj al Arab. The exquisite teas and coffees are accompanied by unique scones (British pastry), sandwiches as well as cakes with Arabian flavors. Indulge in the sweet and savory delights while a live band plays Arabic music.

  • Combo-Ticket
    Burj al Arab Restaurant
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    Gourmet Buffet at Al Iwan

    • from US$ 298.51, Duration: 3 hours
    • Lunch or dinner buffet
    • Water or non-alcoholic soft drink

    Gourmets are guaranteed to get their money's worth at the Arabic gourmet restaurant Al Iwan. Al Iwan in the Burj al Arab spoils its guests with an exclusive mezze menu. Choices include hummus, shrimp, mixed grill platter, lamb, vine leaves, and many other specialties. The restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the sea and is one of the best restaurants in the Burj al Arab.

  • Combo-Ticket
    Burj al Arab Ticket Al Mahara
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    Lunch at Al Mahara Aquarium Restaurant

    • Currently not available
    • Exclusive 3-course menu
    • Incl. outward and return transport

    Experience a unique lunch underwater! While numerous colorful fish swim next to you, you will be served a real feast by award-winning chef Nathan Outlaw. The menu features exclusive seafood creations. For example, the menu includes grilled tiger prawns or a tandoori sea devil steak.

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Is a Burj al Arab Tour Worthwhile?

If you ask people on the street what spontaneously occurs to them about the city of Dubai on the Persian Gulf, the words luxury, Burj Khalifa, sheikhs, and yachts are often accompanied by a mention of the hotel Burj Al Arab. But is it worth visiting the Burj al Arab at all? We say that it absolutely is! The world's only 7-star hotel is fascinating the world. For many travelers, the Burj Al Arab tour has, therefore, become a must and one of the most popular activities in Dubai.

Those who want to visit the Burj al Arab should best combine this with a visit to one of the many restaurants. Sightseeing alone are not welcome in this luxury hotel. In order to pass the hotel security, one needs a guest reservation in a restaurant or one of the many bars in the Burj al Arab. During most restaurant visits, you will be taken personally to the respective restaurant, and you will also receive a small guided tour on request.

If you visit the Burj Al Arab, be prepared to be amazed. The finest materials such as gold and expensive loden, the best service, and last but not least the extravagant architecture in the form of a sail ensure this. The "Tower of the Arabs" is visible from afar due to its height of 321 meters and thus attracts many visitors. Would you also like to experience uncompromising luxury and "hotel heaven on earth"? Then let's get going - book a Burj Al Arab tour today in combination with a culinary highlight.

The Restaurants and Bars in Burj al Arab - An Overview

The possibilities of exploring the Burj Al Arab in a culinary way are very great. For example, you can book various dishes such as lunch or dinner at one of the award-winning Burj Al Arab restaurants. You can also end the evening with a cocktail at the stylish Skyview Bar overlooking Palm Jumeirah and The World. Or enjoy coffee and cake in the Sahn Eddar Lounge. The Burj al Arab has a total of 10 restaurants and bars - something for every taste.

An Overview of the Restaurants and Bars in Burj al Arab:

  • Al Mahara: Fish restaurant (also known as the Aquarium Restaurant)
  • Scape Restaurant: Mediterranean cuisine
  • Al Iwan: Oriental cuisine
  • Al Muntaha: French restaurant
  • Bab Al Yam: European and Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Junsui: Restaurant and bar with Swarovski crystals
  • Gold on 27: Bar with fine details of gold
  • Sahn Eddar: Lounge/café for afternoon tea and desserts
  • Skyview Bar & Restaurant: Locality at 200 meters altitude
  • Summersalt Beach Club: Japanese fusion kitchen


Arrival by Metro
The Burj al Arab can be reached with the red Dubai Metro line M1 (stop: First Gulf Bank). From there it is a 40-minute walk.

Arrival by Bus
The easiest way to reach Burj al Arab is by bus 81 and F55A.

Jumeirah St - Dubai - Vereinigte Arabische Emirate


  • Das Hotel Burj al Arab am Jumeirah Beach günstig online buchen
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    Portrait of the Hotel Burj al Arab

    Did you get a taste for it? Then we would like to recommend our portrait of the Hotel Burj al Arab to you. Here we make a tour through the house and show the different booking possibilities for the hotel. An exciting insight into what may be the most magnificent hotel in the world awaits you.

For Food Lover: Secure your ticket and enjoy!

Activities Near the Burj al Arab

Combine your visit to the Burj al Arab with other sights and attractions nearby.

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