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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Planning

When is the peak season in Dubai?

The main travel season in Dubai is from November to March. There the temperatures are very pleasantly warm with average temperatures of 25 degrees.

When is Dubai the cheapest?

Dubai is the cheapest during Ramadan (Thu., 23 Apr. 2020 - Sat., 23 May 2020) and midsummer. However, some attractions in Dubai have closed at this time. The current opening hours can always be found on the respective websites.

What must you have seen in Dubai?

In Dubai, there is a wide range of sights to see. Especially recommended is Dubai's landmark Burj Khalifa, the most luxurious hotel in the world - the Burj al Arab - as well as the traditional Dubai and the island of Bluewaters with the world's largest Ferris wheel Ain Dubai. On our Sights & Activities page, you will find the most important sights and attractions in Dubai.

How do I dress in Dubai?

In principle, one should not show too much skin in Dubai, as also in all Arab countries. Since Dubai is very open to western culture, you are allowed to wear shorts, especially in summer. Nevertheless, one should, of course, respect the culture and wear long clothes when visiting mosques.

When is Ramadan in Dubai and what do I need to know?

The fasting month lasts one month and takes place in 2020 from 24 April to 23 May. During Ramadan, you should not smoke, drink or eat in public during daylight. Many restaurants are completely closed during this period or open after sunset.

How much do cigarettes cost in Dubai?

Cigarettes can be purchased duty-free in Dubai. Thus, the price for a carton of cigarettes is about 10 to 15 euros.
Attention: Before the return flight you should absolutely check the import quantities of tobacco to your country!

What are the roaming costs in Dubai?

As Dubai does not belong to Europe, roaming costs are incurred here. Depending on the provider, these can become very high and grow to double-digit euro amounts within a few minutes. So it is best to deactivate roaming on your smartphone in advance. If you still don't want to do without the Internet on your mobile phone, for example, to check e-mails, you should get a SIM-Karte. An inexpensive alternative is the combined Metro and SIM card offer.

Where is the best place to change money in Dubai?

If you prefer to pay with cash rather than a card, it is best to exchange your money directly in Dubai. There you get a much better exchange rate than in your country. There are already several exchange possibilities at the airport. However, smaller exchange offices, as one finds them frequently in the malls, offer a better exchange rate.

What is the best way to pay in Dubai?

In general, you can pay almost everywhere in Dubai with an EC card and credit card. However, it can happen that taxis only accept cash (even if theoretically every taxi offers card payment). The cheapest way is to exchange euro banknotes directly in Dubai because cash withdrawals can be very expensive depending on the bank.

How much does the Dubai Metro cost?

A ticket for the Dubai Metro costs between 75 cents and 4 euros. The rechargeable "Nol Card Red" is particularly suitable for tourists. This card can be loaded with up to 10 single trips or a day pass. More information can be found in our article Transportation in Dubai.

How much does a taxi cost in Dubai?

A taxi ride in Dubai is very cheap compared to the price in countries like the US, UK, or Germany. You pay the equivalent of 40 cents per kilometer by taxi in Dubai. For each journey, a basic price of approximately 1 euro is besides computed.

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