Transportmittel in Dubai

Public transport in Dubai

Whether by land or water: Dubai has numerous means of transport to get from A to B comfortably. We compare Dubai's public transport systems so that you can explore the Arab Emirates quickly, easily, and convenient during your Dubai trip.

Dubai's means of transport in comparison

To get to the individual city districts and sights in Dubai, one is dependent on a means of transport. Because on foot the usually vast distances are not to be mastered. But Dubai's transport network convinces with a wide choice of public transport as well as a well-developed route network. Also, Dubai's transportation is very inexpensive compared to other cities.
To make it easy for you to get from A to B, we will introduce you to Dubai's transport options below.

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    Dubai Metro, Tram & Monorail


    The metro in Dubai is well developed with an approximately 80-kilometer extended rail network. Thus you reach almost all hotspots with the Dubai Metro. The Dubai Metro is one of the most modern and yet cheapest means of transport in the world. In total, there are 7 zones. Payment depends on the zone driven. The ultramodern metro in Dubai is fully automated, i.e., completely driverless. Since most of the metro is above ground and has large windows, you already have a great view of Dubai during the journey. The places at the front of the metro are particularly popular because the front is completely covered with glass, which gives you a broad view.

    The Dubai Metro currently consists of two lines: a red line and a green line. You can find the exact metro timetable here. The Metro network is continuously being expanded, which will result in more lines in the coming years.

    Tram & Monorail

    Another means of transport in Dubai is the tram. It runs from Al Sufouh to Jumeirah Beach. The monorail takes you from the Palm Jumeirah trunk to the top where Atlantis The Palm is located.

    Tickets and Prices

    Tickets for public transport in Dubai can be purchased directly at the train stations. The cheapest and most convenient option is a rechargeable NOL card. You can recharge it either at the machines or at the passenger counter. You can top up the card with ten single trips or a day ticket. For tourists, we recommend the "Nol Card Red" with ten single trips. You can then use these in the metro, tram, monorail or bus.
    Before and after the trip, you have to hold the ticket to a reader (at the metro this is located directly at the turnstile). This will automatically debit the corresponding amount.

    The prices for the Metro in Dubai are comparatively low. A trip costs between 0,75 € and 4,00 €. The price is based on the zones traveled. These can be seen on the notices on the spot.

  • Bus

    The bus system in Dubai is also well developed and connects all districts of Dubai. Buses usually depart every 10 minutes, slightly outside of Dubai every 30 minutes. The busses and even the bus stops are generally air-conditioned and take you comfortably to the best spots in Dubai. You can pay on the bus, as well as in the metro with an NOL card.

    Hop On Hop Off Bus

    Another alternative is the popular Hop On Hop Off Bus in Dubai. With it, you can easily combine sightseeing and transport. The bus has several lines and stops at all crucial spots. This allows you to explore the sights onboard an open double-decker bus. Or get off at the respective bus stops and explore the sights from there on foot.

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    Despite the metro's well-developed rail network, taxis are often used in Dubai. This is mainly due to the greater flexibility that tourists enjoy, especially during the hot summer months. Taxis are also prevalent due to their relatively low price. But attention: The kilometer price varies depending on the time of day. At night the prices are slightly higher. Compared to other cities, however, still very cheap.

    Especially from tourists, they should agree on a price in advance. If you want to pay with a card, you should also mention this in advance, as many taxis only accept cash.

    How do you book a taxi in Dubai? In front of most sights and hotels, there are many taxis that you can access. If you can't find a taxi on the last line, you can order a taxi by calling +971 4 208 0808.

    An alternative to the classic taxis in Dubai is Uber. Via the app "Uber", you can book a ride online. The prices of Uber trips are comparable to those of classic taxis.

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    Rental Cars

    If you want to explore Dubai and the surrounding area on your own, a rental car in Dubai is a welcome alternative. So you can enjoy pure flexibility. Especially if you want to discover the beautiful surroundings, we recommend a rental car.
    To avoid confusion on the spot, we recommend that you book your car online in advance. Here you are guaranteed to find a suitable offer for you.

    Sports Car

    In addition to a conventional rental car in Dubai, you also have the option of renting a sports car. On our page, we have listed for you the best providers around the topic "sports cars in Dubai". Also, you can make a non-binding inquiry directly through our partner, "Edel & Stark".

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    Transport by Water

    Abra/Water Taxi

    Probably the best and most charming way to get from A to B in Dubai is a water taxi, also called Abra. The wooden water taxis take you comfortably over Dubai Creek from Bur Dubai to Deira and vice versa. The price for a trip with the Abra is almost a gift with the equivalent of 0.25 € and is definitely worth a trip! The money is collected directly on board, so you don't need a ticket in advance.


    Onboard of a Dubai Ferry, you enjoy a great view of Dubai. The ferry crosses the Dubai Canal, the Business Bay and the Dubai Marina. More information about the exact stops and travel times can be found here.


    For those who want to explore Dubai in their way, we recommend a yacht. In Dubai, there are numerous possibilities to rent your yacht or take part in a yacht tour. So you can see the sights from an extraordinary point of view. Especially the sights Dubai Ain, Atlantis The Palm, Burj al Arab and the skyline of Dubai are best seen with a yacht.

Means of Transport in Dubai

Dubai is bursting at the seams and growing day by day. New spots and districts are continually emerging in Dubai. With a total area of 1588 square kilometers, Dubai can no longer be explored on foot. Therefore one is dependent on means of transport.

But many means of transport are also ideal for exploring the city during the journey. Whether through the generous windows of the above-ground metro, onboard a traditional Abra or on the bus: Dubai's means of transport are ideal for getting an overview of the Arab emirate and exploring the city districts.

Public Transportation

There are many ways to get from A to B in Dubai. Especially public transport in Dubai is very popular with tourists. And not without reason. The public transport network in Dubai is very well developed and connects almost all city districts. But also the favorable prices, as well as air-conditioned waiting halls and means of transport, are a real plus point. Whether by metro, tram or monorail, you can get from A to B in Dubai comfortably and cheaply by public transport.

Means of transport above water

As a former port city, Dubai has several waterways. To get quickly to the other side, the so-called Abras, made of wood, are used in Dubai. This will get you from Deira to Bur Dubai and vice versa in about 5 minutes at a very reasonable price. If you are in the vicinity, we strongly recommend such a tour, because the flair is merely incredible!

The ferry covers further distances above water in Dubai. It takes you from the Dubai Marina via the Persian Gulf to the Dubai Canal. These means of transport are a great alternative to conventional means of transport, especially for tourists, because they combine transport and experience!

Moving around with your own car

If you prefer more flexibility, you can rent a car in Dubai. This gives you maximum comfort and flexibility. We recommend renting your car in Dubai, especially if you want to make several trips to the surrounding area. In addition to classic rental vehicles, numerous companies in Dubai specialize in the rental of sports and luxury cars. You can use our contact form to send us a non-binding inquiry, which we will then pass on to our local partner.

Rent a Car or Yacht in Dubai