Dubais Zukunftspläne und Bauvorhaben

Future Plans in Dubai

Dubai is known for its large-scale projects, which have broken dozens of existing world records. But what will happen in Dubai in the next few years? And what world records will Dubai be aiming for next? Here you can find out everything about Dubai's latest plans for the future.

Dubai's Future Plans - Constructions and Other Projects

We mainly report on new buildings, attractions, and visions that have an impact on tourism in Dubai. We work with Dubai's leading project offices to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information. If you would like to stay up to date on developments in Dubai in the future, subscribe to our newsletter and Facebook page.


    Ciel Tower

    • Planned opening: First half of 2024

    The Ciel Tower is to become the highest hotel in the world. With a total height of around 360 meters, it will set new standards in the hotel business. The Tower is being built in the Dubai Marina and will extend the skyline next to the CAYAN Tower ("Infinity Tower") with a new magnificent building. Due to the perfect location to Ain Dubai and a gigantic viewing platform on the roof, it will offer a breathtaking view of the giant Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai.

  • Marsal al Arab Dubai
    © Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab

    Jumeirah Marsal Al Arab

    The Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab is scheduled to welcome its first guests in early 2024. The Marsa Al Arab is a luxury hotel in the form of a futuristic superyacht and is a new addition to the hotel group's ocean trilogy in the Arabian metropolis of Dubai. A highlight is the promenade along the newly created marina, which offers spectacular panoramic views of the famous Burj Al Arab.

  • Dynamic Tower

    • Project was temporarily cancelled

    The first rotating building is to be built in Dubai as early as 2020. All individual floors will be able to rotate 360 degrees around the center of the building. The constantly changing silhouette of the Dynamic Tower will have an enormous impact on Dubai's skyline. Inside the gigantic tower, there will be high-priced villas, offices, and a luxury hotel.

  • © Emaar Properties

    Creek Tower

    • Project was temporarily cancelled

    Soon the Burj Khalifa is to be surpassed in its height. The Creek Tower is to be the next tallest building in the world. With a total height of over 1000 meters, it will literally put the 828 meters high Burj Khalifa in the shade. A completely new urban district is to be built around the building - with Dubai Creek Harbour in the center.

    Unfortunately, construction of the Creek Tower has been paused. It is unclear whether construction will begin again.

  • Meydan One Dubai
    © YouTube / Meydan One

    Meydan One

    Dubai is planning a new lifestyle and tourism area. Besides an indoor ski hall - which will be the longest in the world - the highest residential complex is also to be built. But that's not all: the world's longest water features, a shopping mall, a huge water park, a Kulutr museum and much more will soon be built there.

  • © Moon World Resorts Inc

    Moon Resort Dubai

    In 2027, it should be possible to sleep "on the moon" in Dubai. The gigantic hotel in the shape of the moon is supposed to make it possible! In addition to luxury suites, the 224-meter-high moon hotel will also have sky villas, a spa area, and a theater. In addition, a moon shuttle is planned, with which you can land on an artificial lunar surface.

    Whether the Moon Resort in Dubai will really open as early as 2027 is still up in the stars. Nevertheless, we can already look forward to a futuristic hotel!

  • ©

    Dubai Downtown Circle

    In a few years, the Burj Khalifa is to be enclosed by a giant floating ring. The ring, which will swing 500 meters, is to form a completely new city district. In addition to apartments and commercial space, the 5-story ring will also have its own suspension railroad and leisure and cultural facilities.

    Whether the Dubai Circle will ever be built is questionable. Because so far it is only a rough concept.

  • © Nakheel

    Dubai Islands

    In total, the Dubai Island project will create 5 unique islands. You can expect a 21-kilometer-long beach, over 90 luxurious hotels, several marinas, beach clubs, golf courses, and extensive parks, leisure, sports, and cultural activities. The archipelago is connected to the mainland by the Infinity Bridge, making it easily accessible. The Dubai Islands are scheduled to be completed by 2024.

This Shapes Dubai's Future Plans and Visions

Dubai is known for its mega-projects, which outshine one world record after the other. The highest building, the most luxurious hotel, the fastest elevator, one of the largest artificially created islands, the largest fireworks display in the world and much more. The Emirate of Dubai makes it possible! What is going to happen in the next few years in this gigantic state on the Persian Gulf? What world records will Dubai conquer next?

Most construction projects in Dubai are privately financed. What makes Dubai so attractive to build there? In the desert city, there are very few regulations for the construction and the necessary building permits are given by Emir Mohammed bin Raschid Al Maktum himself.