Dynamic Tower in Dubai

Dynamic Tower

The Dynamic Tower in Dubai is scheduled to open in time for the Expo as early as 2020. The Dynamic Tower will be the first rotating skyscraper that can be rotated individually on all floors. This article provides all the important information and news about the Dynamic Tower in Dubai.

Dubai Prepares for Expo 2020

It almost seems as if the impossible is possible in Dubai. A large number of new buildings and sights will be completed in Dubai by 2020. These are not just any buildings. These are buildings and attractions that will beat existing world records and set new world records! Right on time for the World Expo 2020, the Arab Emirate naturally wants to show its best side and set new standards. In addition to the Dynamic Tower, Dubai is also building the Dubai Ain - the world's largest Ferris wheel. In addition, the Creek Tower, currently the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, will replace it. The new Dubai Harbor marina with a special lighthouse will also be a real highlight for all tourists and residents!

The Dynamic Tower Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road is going to be a skyscraper like the world has never seen before. At the same time, an iconic skyscraper is being built that the world will never see in the same state. More about that now.


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The Dynamic Tower in Dubai

With the Dynamic Tower, another superlative building is being built in Dubai. Something completely new that has never existed before: a rotating skyscraper. The individual floors will rotate 360 degrees around the center of the building. A central axis will be located in the center of the Dynamic Tower. The skyscraper's elevators will be situated here.

The Dynamic Tower Dubai - Individuality Wherever the Eye Goes!

The individual floors will be rotated independently of one another. Thus the silhouette of the skyscraper, also called the "Da Vinci" tower, will constantly change. The same silhouette will probably not be seen twice. A complete turn should take about 90 minutes. This will ensure that the occupants of the building will not notice the moderate movement. New technology will enable the residents to rotate the floor autonomously according to their own wishes. Each inhabitant of the Dynamic Tower will thus contribute to the alteration of the building with his or her individual orientation of the floor. Another highlight of the 420 m high Dynamic Tower in Dubai is the solar collectors. These will make it possible to align the balcony automatically with the sun's rays. The Dynamic Tower is intended to usher in a new era of architecture and significantly change the appearance of megacities.

What Will Be Inside the Dynamic Tower in Dubai?

Five high-priced villas are planned in the uppermost area of the Rotating Tower. Parking will take place directly in the villa. With the help of a special elevator in the middle of the building, the vehicles will be transported to their own floor.
A villa is to be more than 1,000 square meters in size. The bathrooms will be covered with Italian marble from the Leonardo da Vinci factory in Italy. The lighting and sound backdrop of the bathrooms can be adapted to suit the current mood of the residents.
Furthermore, the villas will be equipped with the latest smart home technologies. This will control the rotation speed and direction of the floor as well as lighting, temperature and multimedia entertainment. A villa in the Dynamic Tower Dubai is expected to cost an incredible 28 million euros.

A 6-star hotel is planned for the lower area: the "Dynamic Hotel". However, it will not be a normal hotel. It will be a hotel that adapts to today's lifestyle. The hotel guests will have the opportunity to help design the building - but also the skyline of the city - and to choose the view according to their own wishes. This gives the concept of luxury a completely new meaning in the hotel industry. It is therefore not surprising that this hotel will be one of the world's leading luxury hotels. In addition, there will be several offices and high-priced luxury apartments in the building.

Dynamic Tower Dubai - The Green Tower of Dubai

One could ask how much electricity will be required by the constant movement. This has also been taken into consideration. The Dynamic Tower will provide its own energy.
On some days the tower will even generate a surplus of energy - more energy will be available than is needed by the tower itself. The individual floors, which rotate around the central axis, will be driven by the wind. Wind turbines will be located between the floors, which will then set the floors in motion. A total of 48 wind turbines are to be used. Under normal wind conditions, each turbine will generate up to 1,200,000 kWh of energy.

The wind turbines were a real challenge for architect Fisher but in the end, he succeeded in placing the turbines in such a way that they will hardly be noticed and will not be damaged by very strong winds. The electricity is to be generated entirely by solar cells. The solar cells are all to be located on the roof of the Dynamic Tower.

All Facts About the Dynamic Tower Dubai at a Glance

  • Opening: presumably 2020
  • Further names: Da Vinci Tower, Rotating Tower, Dynamic Architecture Building
  • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Height: 420 meters, with 80 levels
  • Use: hotel, apartments, villas, offices
  • Building costs: circa 1.2 billion USD

FAQ - Questions and Answers about Dynamic Tower Dubai

What is so special about the Dubai Dynamic Tower?

The Dynamic Tower is the world's first rotating skyscraper. Each of the 80 floors is to rotate independently around its own central axis. Each view of the Dynamic Tower is unique and characterized by individuality and will probably not be seen a second time!

What are the Dynamic Towers in Dubai used for?

The Dynamic Tower will be used primarily for luxury apartments, luxury villas, and offices. It will also house a top-class hotel. It is also assumed that the Dynamic Tower Dubai will house a large, luxurious wellness area. Whether a 360-degree rotating viewing platform is also planned has not yet been confirmed. Of course, we will keep you up to date on this in this article, but also through our Facebook page "Dubai Experience".

Who is responsible for the construction?

The Dynamic Tower Dubai was designed by David Fisher, an architect from Florence. The project is supervised by the company "Dynamic Architecture Group". According to the company, it is planning similar projects in London, Paris, New York, and Moscow.

How far has the construction project progressed?

The project company is relatively covered by the construction of the Dynamic Tower in Dubai. However, since most of the components can be manufactured in advance in factories and are only assembled on site, it is assumed that the building will be finished within a short time after construction has begun. However, the actual construction has not yet begun. It will be a big surprise - as desired by the architect and the project company!

When will the Dynamic Tower Dubai open?

The Dynamic Tower Dubai is expected to open in 2020 - at the latest by Expo (October 2020).

What does the "Dynamic Tower Dubai" project cost?

The cost of the project is estimated at almost 300 million euros. This makes the building relatively inexpensive compared to Dubai's other projects. For example, the cost of the Dubai Creek Tower is estimated at over 1 billion euros.

Where does the Dynamic Tower originate and which well-known spots are nearby?

The Dynamic Tower will be built directly on the famous Sheik Zayed Road. In the immediate vicinity are the Emirates Towers, the Dubai World Trade Center and the popular Zabeel Park. Dubai Downtown, with the Burj Khalifa in the center, can be reached from there in less than half an hour.

Admission and Tickets for the Dynamic Tower in Dubai

As soon as the Dynamic Tower Dubai has opened, we will inform you here whether there is the possibility of visiting the rotating skyscraper from the inside. There will probably be a tour for the Dynamic Tower, as there will be for the Burj al Arab together with a visit to a restaurant. There is also hope for a rotating 360-degree viewing platform. Of course, we will offer tickets for this directly on our website. We are curious about what the Dynamic Tower will have to offer!

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