Meydan One Dubai

Meydan One in Dubai

With the Meydan One, a new record-breaking contact point for lifestyle, tourism, business, and more will be created in Dubai in 2021. We will provide you with all the important information about the construction project.

The New Meydan One District

Meydan One is a new district in Dubai, which is scheduled for completion in 2021. It is planned by the Meydan One Group Dubai, which has already been responsible for the horse race track in Dubai. But in the meantime, Meydan has become much more than a place for horse racing. It is a terrain in Dubai that is characterized by sustainability and innovation.

The new quarter extends from the desert to the Burj Khalifa, with an area of several million square meters. A four-meter long canal connects the Meydan One area with the Arabian Gulf. This means that the district can be reached by public transport, water taxis, or yacht.

The New Location for Lifestyle and Tourism in Dubai

The district will become a central location for tourism, lifestyle, and business. Also, apartments for approximately 83,000 people are to be created in Meydan One. The center of the district will be a massive building complex with leisure and lifestyle facilities. In addition to a large selection of shops and restaurants in the Meydan One Mall, it will above all offer a massive range of entertainment. The almost inexhaustible offer includes, for example, a cinema with 21 screens, a water park, a go-kart track and a large sports hall for nearly every type of sport.
The project is intended to put all buildings and projects in Dubai in the shade and set new standards. Less surprising is also the fact that the project will break several records.

Meydan One - A Record-Project

The new area will be very popular due to its perfect location and the full range of leisure activities on offer. However, the numerous record projects will also be the reason for great amazement.

Longest ski hall in the world

In the middle of the new quarter, there will be a new indoor ski hall with a 1.2 kilometer long downhill run. This will make it the longest indoor ski slope and even surpasses the current record holder Ski Dubai.

World's longest water fountain show

Dubai already has several water fountain shows, such as the Dubai Fountain in front of the Burj Khalifa or the fountains of The Pointe Mall on the Palm Jumeirah. But also in front of the Creek Tower impressive water shows are to be created. But the dancing water fountains in Meydan One, with a length of 380 meters, will top all existing fountains in size.

Highest residential complex: Meydan One Tower

Around 83,000 inhabitants are to find a home in the district. In addition to standard apartments and villas, the highest residential building with a height of 711 meters is also to be built.

This is what you can expect at Meydan One

  • Meydan One Ski in Dubai
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    Ski One – Indoor Ski

    Especially in the summer months, temperatures in Dubai can often exceed 40 degrees. Therefore the indoor ski hall Ski Dubai is a popular attraction in Dubai - because you are guaranteed to find the necessary cooling. Due to the high popularity, a vast indoor ski hall is also being built in Meydan One. With a 1.2-kilometer-long ski slope, it will be the world's longest indoor ski slope in the world. While winter sports fans compete in sub-zero temperatures, others enjoy the winter landscape in the 12,000 square meter winter village.

  • Meydan One Tower in Dubai
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    Dubai One Tower

    A 711-meter-high tower, the Dubai One Tower, is to be built in the center of the quarter. This will make the building the world's tallest residential building and joins the group of building giants. The One Tower will accommodate a total of almost 900 residential units and a five-star hotel with 350 rooms. The building is scheduled for completion in 2023.

  • Meydan One Mall in Dubai
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    Meydan One Mall

    In a lifestyle and tourism terrain, one thing cannot be missing: A shopping mall. With the Maydan One Mall, a shopping center of extravagance is being built in Meydan. In addition to over 550 shops, there will also be a 13,200 square meter supermarket. In addition, Meydan One Mall has more than 190 restaurants and bars as well as a vast range of entertainment for the whole family. In addition to the tremendous variety of shops and entertainment, the mall is to surpass the previous shopping malls, above all architecturally. The shops will be located both indoors and outdoors. The architecture is based on an iconic atrium, which is illuminated by the sun's rays.

  • Meydan One Wasserpark in Dubai
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    Meydan One Waterpark

    The Meydan One water park provides refreshments. The highlight of the water park is an 8.2-kilometer-long lagoon with crystal-clear water and a 14-kilometer-long beach promenade. The lagoon invites for numerous water activities such as swimming, paddling, kayaking, or relaxing. The Meydan One Water Park also includes a vast park landscape, two huge wave pools, and numerous slides. An exclusive beach club with a cozy lounge area in a South Sea atmosphere provides a comfortable finish.

  • Meydan One Wasserspiele in Dubai
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    Water fountain

    In the evening, Dubai is transformed into a sea of lights, accompanied by numerous water fountains. While the fountains in front of the Burj Khalifa dance to music, a light show of gigantic water fountains are created on the Palm Jumeirah in front of The Pointe Mall, and soon, the Meydan area will have water games of the highest quality. With a length of 380 meters, they are even the most extensive water features in the world. The water features can be admired every evening at the famous Grand Plaza. From the numerous cafés and bars along the promenade, you can marvel at the fountains in a cozy atmosphere.

  • Grand Civic Plaza in Meydan One
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    Grand Civic Plaza

    The Grand Plaza will become a central meeting place. It has room for more than 30,000 people and will attract numerous visitors for events such as fashion shows, festivals, concerts, and national celebrations. Highlights of the Grand Plaza are the water features and a floating stage, which will be brought to life during events. You can get to the Grand Plaza by walking across a picturesque bridge or by taking a traditional water taxi.

  • Electric go-karts

    A highlight for adventurers is the electric go-kart track. With 400 square meters, there is plenty of room to put your foot down and have a few races. The individual and unique thing about the go-kart track is that the road only offers electrically powered go-karts. This ensures an environmentally friendly and noise-free driving experience! Partner of the electric go-kart track is E-Karting.

  • Meydan One Heritage Village
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    Meydan One Heritage Village

    Those interested in culture and history have found a real treasure in Meydan One Heritage Village. It houses over 400,000 square meters of museums and exhibitions on the development and history of the UAE. In a Bedouin tent, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a past life. A highlight is markets that offer authentic food. Here you can experience the former UAE with all your senses and get incredibly close to the times.

  • Meydan Racecourse

    The architectural wonder of Meydan One is the Meydan Racecourse. It is also home to the Dubai World Cup. The unique thing about the facility is the racecourse and the grandstand because they consist of 288 rooms of the luxurious Meydan Hotel. A real dream for horse racing enthusiasts! The Meydan Racecourse is also home to the world's most extended grandstand with a length of 1.6 kilometers.

Location of the Meydan One District

The Meydan One Aral is in a prime location and connects the vastness of the desert with the city center. An artificial waterway connects the city center with the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai Marina. Thus the district can be reached by yacht or water taxi. Meydan One will also be connected to two underground lines.

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