Ciel Tower

Dubai Ciel Tower: Tickets for the Ciel Observation Deck

Dubai will soon have one more spectacular building: the Dubai Ciel Tower. In the first half of 2024, the world's tallest hotel with a gigantic 360-degree viewing platform is scheduled to open its doors. With a breathtaking view of Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeirah, the observation deck will offer an unforgettable experience high above the city.

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The Ciel Tower

Dubai is known for its futuristic architecture and impressive skyline. With the opening of the Ciel Tower in 2024, the city will have one more spectacular building. The Ciel Tower towers nine meters above the currently highest Gevora Hotel in Dubai, making it the world's tallest hotel.

The Ciel Tower was designed by the renowned London-based architectural firm NORR, which has already designed the Atlantis Hotel and the Palm Hotel.

The design of the Ciel Tower is striking and modern. Two largely glass towers are connected by a common platform and roof structure, creating a giant cylinder in shape with a gigantic window in the center. Already, the hotel has won awards for Best International Hotel Architecture and Best Hotel Architecture in Arabia at the 2019 International Property Awards.

Moreover, the building is an architectural masterpiece and a must-see for tourists and locals who want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. It is definitely another highlight in the fascinating architectural landscape of Dubai.

Ciel Tower

Data & Facts about the Ciel Tower

  • Opening: First half of 2024
  • World's highest hotel
  • 82 floors
  • 365-meter-high Ciel Observatory observation deck
  • Gigantic swimming pool with sun terrace Rooftop bar on the roof terrace
  • Spa and fitness area with a gigantic view
  • Multiple award-winning architectures

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Ciel Hotel: The world's highest hotel

The Ciel Tower in Dubai will not only be the tallest hotel but also a luxury accommodation that sets new standards. Guests can look forward to a sun deck with a rooftop pool and several luxury restaurants.

The hotel will have a total of 1,042 luxury suites on 82 floors, including a Sunset Lounge on the 74th floor, a rooftop infinity pool, and a Horizon Bar on the 76th floor. The Ciel Observatory observation deck on the 82nd floor will be particularly impressive, with 360-degree views of Dubai.

The Ciel Hotel will offer its guests a wide range of first-class facilities and services, including a luxurious spa and gym on the 54th floor of the building. With its spectacular views of the city and luxurious facilities, the Ciel Hotel is sure to meet the expectations of its guests and provide an unforgettable stay in Dubai. Whether for business travelers or tourists, the Ciel Hotel is guaranteed to be one of Dubai's most popular hotels and delight its guests.

  • Ciel Hotel in Dubai

    Ciel Hotel

    • Dubai Marina

    Experience an unforgettable time at the highest hotel in the world - Ciel Hotel at Ciel Tower in Dubai. Relax in the rooftop pool and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. Pamper yourself with a visit to the luxurious spa or enjoy an exquisite dinner in one of the hotel's restaurants.

    Unique for this hotel

    • An infinity pool on the roof
    • Rooftop terrace with a gigantic view
    • Excellent spa area

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Der Ciel Tower in Dubai

Dubai Marina - The home of Ciel Tower

Ciel Tower is an impressive building located in Dubai Marina, one of the most famous districts of Dubai. The district is known for numerous skyscrapers and picturesque canals that characterize the skyline of this fascinating city. Dubai Marina is the largest man-made marina in the world and offers a wide range of leisure facilities including restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and luxury accommodations.

As the newest architectural landmark in Dubai Marina, the Ciel Tower is a must-visit place. It offers not only a breathtaking observation deck but also numerous restaurants.

For more information on the popular Dubai Marina neighborhood, as well as recreational activities and more, check out our article on Dubai Marina.

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